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Automated Compound Management for Drug Discovery

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Most pharmaceutical R&D groups have a centralized compound management group, freeing up the other chemist and biologists jobs to create more and test more. The automation system has a high upfront cost, but pays for itself in research value quickly over the course of a few years.

Here is a video of an automation setup that we built to handle hands-off compound management workflows. This system allows a staff of 1 to flexibly and quickly serve much larger groups of scientists. Typically the system handles same day fulfillment of all requests smaller than a few thousand compounds.

This setup involves two Hamilton Vantages, both directly integrated to the Hamilton Verso automated store. In this integration, the liquid handlers are able to directly access the reagents that they require to fulfill experiments. This system utilizes worklists prepared by the laboratory database system when scientists cut experiments.

Workflows include cherry picking vials from the store to prepare compound plates, solvation of new purified compounds, maintaining or transferring compound vial stock and concentration, and QC of final compounds via LC-MS. This system also he system is used as walk-up interface for chemists and biologists to manually pull these reagents and chemicals out of the store.

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